Connecting pre-revenue startup founders with UX design and PM students
For pre-revenue founders
Reach product-market fit faster
Get expert help so that you can focus on building the business
Build a pipeline of talent as the business grows
Help people launch their career in tech
Submit a 4-8 week project
Get matched with students
Interview students and finalize engagement
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For students and new grads
Gain real-world experience while building your portfolio
And turn it into a full-time opportunity as the business grows
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Our Impact
We’ve helped 40+ startups find talent since Dec 2023
Why we started this
As Berkeley and Stanford alums, we believe that the world needs more startups to make a difference. However, for startup founders just starting out, there are so many things to figure out and with no revenue coming in, it’s hard to get outside help.
Meanwhile, there are students and new graduates eager to get a job, but without real-world experience, it’s hard to get noticed.
We hope that by connecting these two groups, we can empower both, and unleash more potential and opportunities in the world.
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